Goold reunion

Goold Family reunion - Phil, Bud, Nancy, Stephanie, Jack, Betty, Melissa, Fran, Harold, Rob, Clare, and Spencer
Goold Family reunion - Phil, Bud, Nancy, Stephanie, Jack, Betty, Melissa, Fran, Harold, Rob, Clare, and Spencer

Last weekend we had a bit of a Goold family reunion in Denver. It turns out that 10 of the 16 people live in the Denver area, so it was a natural place to get together. Nancy and Jack came in from Chicago; Bud came in from LA; Harold and Fran came in from Detroit; and Stephanie came in from Santa Cruz. Saturday evening everyone came over to our house for a Mexican-themed feast. Sunday morning we went to the Links in Boulder for brunch, and Sunday evening we went to Betty and Phil’s in Lakewood for a barbecue. It was lots of fun to catch up with everyone. I didn’t end up getting that many pictures, but here are a few.

18 month stats

Spencer and Clare reading Trucks and Cars and Things That Go
Spencer and Clare reading Trucks and Cars and Things That Go
Spencer had his 18 month checkup on Tuesday. In addition to the normal stats, I also noticed two new ones: 87.3% of growth percentile based on weight-for-age; 48.69% of growth percentile based on length-for-age. He also got his last round of shots for several years. That is nice.

Spencer’s 18 months stats:
category value percentile
weight 29 lbs, 5 oz 87
height 32.25 inches 49
head circumference 19.29 inches 82
BMI 19.81  

p.s. the picture is unrelated


Spencer playing with his A-Team van
Spencer playing with his A-Team van
Clare and I went to see the new A-Team movie a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good. Last weekend I was at Target to buy a booster seat for Spencer (which he really likes), and I could not pass up the A-Team van on clearance for 75% off. I put it on his shelf in his room, and I finally let him open it up yesterday. He has been playing with it pretty much non-stop for the last 24 hours (when not sleeping). Here’s a little video of him.
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/a-team.flv 480 270]

Reunion – Elkhorn Lodge

Spencer on a toy horse, Dave, Clare, and mountains
Spencer on a toy horse, Dave, Clare, and mountains
On the last day of the reunion, we took a tour of the Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park. It is one of the oldest lodges in Estes Park. It was a very interesting mixture of new old, with several large buildings as well as some smaller cabins. They still rent out many of them. After the tour we had a chuckwagon lunch there with cowboy entertainment. Spencer really enjoyed the cowboy music. There were also some spectacular views of the mountains from the lodge, including some beautiful wispy cloud formations.

Stacking, planning, and communicating

Spencer stacking Yogurt
Spencer stacking Yogurt
It seems like Spencer is developing really quickly lately. He is starting to be able to plan ahead much more, and his receptive vocabulary is growing rapidly as well. A few anecdotes:

Sit down

Last week at the reunion we were eating dinner one night. Spencer was sitting on a normal chair next to Geebi, and I was sitting across from him. He started to stand up on the chair, and I asked him to sit down several times. He continued standing, so I started to get up from my chair to make him sit down, and as soon as I stood up, he sat down. Spencer knew exactly what I was saying, but he was testing me!

Barbecue Sauce

Sunday night we were about to eat dinner, and I was getting something from the fridge. Spencer frequently likes to shut the refrigerator door, so I was going to let him do that, but he wanted it open. I shut the door, but he kept opening it back up, and was pointing to something in the refrigerator door – barbecue sauce. He wanted some barbecue sauce. I got it out and handed it to him, and he was immediately happy. We then proceeded to heat up a veggie chicken patty for him to dip in barbecue sauce. Speaking of dipping, he was also dipping chips in a bowl of salsa last week at a Mexican restaurant


When Spencer wants to go outside, he starts trying to climb into the backpack, or he finds his shoes and brings them to one of us. He doesn’t have any words yet, but he is starting to communicate better. He has been saying “Uh-oh” a lot over the last week, but it seems to be at somewhat random intervals.


Just a few months ago, Spencer only wanted to destroy towers. Now he is actively building them. Dave got a short video of Spencer stacking yogurt cups.
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/stackingYogurt.flv 480 270]