On Monday we woke up in Andorra, had a quick breakfast and packed up, then headed for Zaragoza, a Spanish city about halfway between Andorra and Madrid. I had found us a nice and inexpensive place to stay there. The drive was quite beautiful, especially the part through the mountains, though a bit stressful because of the curves and frequent speed limit changes. Driving in Europe is definitely more tiring than in the United States. Once again, it was nice to have the horsepower of the Audi A4 to pass some slow trucks.

The hotel in Zaragosa was the only one in the trip to actually have a reception which was nice. Once we figured out where the parking garage was, we settled in a bit, then headed out to check out the scenery for a bit. We found a beautiful square with a little park and fountain, then continued on to the main square to see the famous Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take photos inside. It had stunning paintings on the ceiling, along with many small domes with windows. Then we had a nice dinner on the square. Spencer had a hamburger, and the rest of us had the menu. Clare had some seafood paella. After dinner we stopped at a fabric store and Meg got some fabric for making clothes – one of the highlights of this trip was watching Project Runway Jr. The kids have gotten very excited about designing and making clothes. We might give it a shot.

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