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Our new family car - a Mazda 5
Our new family car - a Mazda 5
Yesterday we purchased a new car. Since we are expecting another baby in March, we decided that our 2001 Ford Focus 2-door hatchback had to go. After debating the merits of wagons, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans, we got very excited about the Mazda 5. We test drove one last Saturday, and were able to get a pretty good deal, so we bought it. Features we like:

  • Much cheaper than other comparable vehicles
  • Seating for six
  • Good gas mileage (22 city, 28 highway)
  • 5 speed manual transmission with zoom-zoom handling
  • Very highly rated for safety – ABS, traction control, lots of airbags
  • Moonroof (we actually had that added)

Anyone looking to buy a 2001 Ford Focus?

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