Thomas’s third birthday party

Spencer and Rob in their matching outfits
Spencer and Rob in their matching outfits
We recently went out to California to visit Paul and April, who had a big birthday party for Thomas, who turned 3. We had a really great time. Both Spencer and Meg are really great travelers. Spencer gets really excited now to see all the airplanes, and he is getting more helpful all the time too. We left fairly early Saturday morning, and on Friday night, we told Spencer we needed to go to bed because we were going on an airplane the next day. He got very excited and wanted to leave right away to get on the airplane. Eventually we convinced him that it wasn’t until tomorrow, and that we had to sleep first before getting on the airplane. Then we got him up around 6 a.m., the first word out of his mouth was “airplane”.
Paul and Thomas
Paul and Thomas

We recently got a Go-Go Baby Kids carseat attachment, which basically adds wheels to any forward-facing carseat. You can then push or pull it just like a suitcase, with kid in tow. It is very handy in the airport. This time around, Spencer walked and pushed his carseat about halfway around the airport, and Clare or I pushed him in it the other half. He always stayed right by us and never tried to run away. The only mishap on the way out was probably my fault. Spencer, Meg, and I stopped at a coffee shop in the airport to get some warm water for Meg’s bottle, and Spencer got some juice. They only had glass bottles of juice, but I didn’t think much of it. I got a bottle of orange juice for Spencer. He patiently waited in line, put the bottle on the counter, and we paid. Then I gave him back the bottle, and he started to walk out. But then he tripped and fell, and the bottle broke, and he got a little cut. Fortunately there was a man behind us in line who reacted immediately. He picked Spencer up right away so that he wouldn’t put his hands in the glass, and he helped me stop Spencer’s finger from bleeding and get a band-aid. Spencer cried a bit, but was quite stoic.
Spencer and Camilla riding tricycles
Spencer and Camilla riding tricycles

One of the most remarkable parts of the trip for me was on the way back. We were in the line for security, and after we showed our IDs and boarding passes, we stepped in line for the x-ray machine. Apparently Spencer had remembered from the trip there that we have to take our shoes off, so he sat down and took his shoes off. What a traveler!

Thanks to Paul and April for their great hospitality. It was a very relaxing visit.

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Meg’s 4 month stats

Meg says "who me?"
Meg says 'who me?'
Today was Meg’s four month checkup. She did very good. Our doctor was particularly impressed with how strong she is, and commented that she holds herself up on her stomach like a six month old.

Megs’s 4 months stats:
category value percentile
weight 14 lbs, 8 oz 67
height 24 inches 23
head circumference 16.2 inches 52
BMI 18