Crawling, cruising, and cuddling

Clare cuddling with Meg and Spencer
Clare cuddling with Meg and Spencer
Meg has made an order of magnitude leap in her mobility in the last week. She has gone from doing belly flops to regular forward crawling, and has started cruising a bit too. She can pick herself up to standing by grasping onto the couch, and will shuffle side to side a little bit. She also has a little table which she likes to use to steady herself, and sometimes will push that around the living room. But every once in awhile, when she is not busy crawling and cruising, she will cuddle with her parents and brother. Here, everyone is watching Blues Brothers, one of Spencer’s favorites. Lots of good songs and car chases!

One thought on “Crawling, cruising, and cuddling”

  1. Did you say car chases or *car crashes*? that’s what i remember.

    think about what you’re trying to do to me. love you both

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