Grandparents Dibble visit in December

December 2012 with grandparents Dibble
December 2012 with grandparents Dibble
Ellen and Dave came out last weekend for a visit before flights get expensive for the holidays. They ended up having to spend quite a bit of time working on the broken house, but we found some time to have some fun too. Their time paid off, because they got the inspection for the drain plumbing done and approved. Here are some pictures highlighting their visit.

New doors

In January 2010 we decided to remodel our bathroom. We put together a big order from Lowe’s and had it shipped to our house. As we decided on what to use in the bathroom, we decided to replace the door, since it was partially broken, and kind of crappy looking. We then quickly decided we couldn’t just replace one door. We had to replace all the interior doors. Clare then tacked on the exterior doors too, since Lowe’s has a flat shipping rate. Well, almost 3 years later, we finally got the rest of the doors installed. Clare and Ellen did a bunch of work staining and polyurethaning the remaining 3 doors for the bedrooms this summer and fall. The day after thanksgiving, we took the kids to school, and Clare helped me hang the doors. Then I put up the trim a little at a time over the next several weeks. It was a lot of work, but the end result is very nice. I’m not sure I would take on this task again though. If I did, I would probably get oak doors instead of pine, since staining and polyurethaning takes so much time, and is not really that fun.

Spencer’s christmas pageant 2012

Spencer telling Santa what he wants for Christmas
Spencer telling Santa what he wants for Christmas
Spencer’s christmas concert at school was yesterday. He did a really great singing. He also was very good with Santa afterwards, asking him for a mail truck, which he has wanted for about a week now, after seeing one at a store last weekend. I took a video of the concert. Spencer wanted to show everyone the video on my phone at school today. He was very proud.

Family photos 2012

We got some professional photos taken a couple weeks ago and just got them back this week. We got a groupon for Blue House Photography for a really great deal for a 1 hour shoot of our choosing. We lucked out with absolutely beautiful weather on November 18th. In Colorado, the likelihood of 60 and sunny is about the same as 30 and snowy. We got the former. Unfortunately, Spencer was not in a very good mood and was not being very cooperative. Interestingly enough, you can’t tell from the pictures so much, since he has a pretty nice smile in many of them, especially the ones of himself. Oh well. That’s life sometimes. We still managed to get a couple really nice shots.

Little musicians

Our kids really like music. They like listening, dancing, singing, and playing. Here are a couple videos illustrating it. One recent favorite is the Karaoke dance party on the Shrek DVD. The kids really like to dance it. At the end of the movie you can hear Meg saying “mees, mees”, and putting her fingers together. That means more. Putting the fingers together is the baby sign for more, which she picked up from school. I tried really hard to teach Spencer signs, and he never really picked them up. We did not try at all with Meg, and she got them from school. I have heard other parents tell similar stories about baby signs with siblings. I’m not sure why “mees” means more, although one theory I have is that it is “more please”, or perhaps even just “please”. Meg knows a ton of words now, though her pronunciation is not always that great. “Glasses” is frequently still something like “gaki”.

The second video is Spencer pretending that the ball on the top of his dining room chair is a microphone. He was practicing The Garden Song, one of his favorites. They have been practicing christmas songs at school for their pageant, and we asked him if he could sing “holly jolly christmas”. He replied: “this microphone doesn’t have that song”. We thought that was pretty hilarious.