Halloween, part 1

Last Saturday we went to a halloween party at JUC.
Spencer is a blue power ranger
Meg is Minnierella (Minnie mouse dressed as Cinderella)
Clare is a witch
Rob is Mr.T
We’re looking forward to trick or treating this Friday!

Visiting the Adams in Salida

The first weekend in October, we went to visit our friends, the Adams, who recently moved near Salida, Colorado. We miss having them around the block from us, but we’re happy that they are doing well there, and now we have an excuse to go visit a beautiful place.
Spencer and Tao played pretty much nonstop. Here are a few pictures highlighting our fun.

Scarecrow festival

Fedibbletys at the festival of scarecrows
Fedibbletys at the festival of scarecrows
Arvada has an annual Scarecrow festival. This was the first year we attended. It was very nice, with booths, giant pumpkins, kettle corn, and hay rides.