The Feltys visit

View of Mt. Evans near Conifer
View of Mt. Evans near Conifer

Grandma and Grandpa Felty came out to visit a couple weeks ago. I apologize for being so slow to post pictures. It turns out that the added steps of importing the pictures from the fancy camera is a significant hurdle. Anyways, we had a very nice visit with them. Fran got to go to lunch with Betty on Friday while Rob and Harold checked out some breweries in Ft. Collins. Saturday we took a beautiful drive up to Conifer and had lunch there. Meg fell in love with a plastic ottoman at the thrift store next to the restaurant, and we couldn’t say no. Spencer and Rob got some baseball bats, which turned out to be great, since Spencer has been so into baseball lately. He recently mentioned that he really likes Grandpa Felty because he plays baseball with him.

On Sunday, Aunt Betty and Uncle Phil came over, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Dibble. We enjoyed some great food, and enjoyed the sunny weather (which has been a rarity in Colorado in 2015). The visit was short, but sweet. We are looking forward to seeing them again in Florida in December.


Fedibbletys say thumbs up to Splash
Fedibbletys say thumbs up to Splash
Sunday was Father’s day. Meg really wanted to go to the Splash water park for Father’s day, which sounded like a great idea to me. We woke up early, went to the early church service, then met Grandma and Grandpa Dibble at Splash. The church service was a bit heavy, tying in the recent shooting in South Carolina with father’s day. One point that our minister made was that racism is generational, and part of our responsibility as fathers is to teach our children that racism is not okay. I’m doing my best. Clare and I are both really lucky that we grew up with great dads.

I got a couple great father’s day presents this year. Meg made me several cards, which is awesome, and the family got me a “Superbrella”. It’s kind of a umbrella / tent, which is really nice to provide a little shade for sporting events, or hanging out at the pool. My mom got me several nice gifts, but my favorite was a note from my kindergarten teacher, talking about my behavioral problems. It sounded exactly like the same sorts of problems Spencer has. Thanks for being patient with me when I was a pain in the butt mom and dad!

Each summer for the past 5 years I have said something to the effect of:

I’m having lots of fun with Meg and Spencer, taking them to the park and such. I think next summer will be even more fun

Every year this has been true. Spencer is now tall enough to go down the slide by himself, and Meg enjoyed the pool at Splash much more than last year. Last year she mostly just played in the sand box, which is fine, but I like the pool a little better. Next year Spencer should be big enough for the deep pool — maybe even the diving board!

Unfortunately Dave could not swim, since he recently had cataract surgery, but he did get to hang out with Meg in the sand box for awhile. Ellen was nice enough to take some pictures. We’re looking forward to our next visit!

Jugger short swords

The kids really liked watching Uncle Bret play Jugger, so Dad got some materials to make Jugger weapons for the kids to play with. I made short swords as I thought that they would be the easiest for them to handle and they convert the best from having metric to English parts available. Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the results.

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