More fun in Trenton

Our flight back home to Denver wasn’t until nearly 9 p.m., so we had all day to hang out in Trenton. We split up for awhile – Rob, Harold, Spencer, and Sadie went to the driving range. Sadie has been taking golf lessons this summer, and is getting pretty good. It was Spencer’s first time trying real golf. He did pretty well too. Clare, Fran, and Meg went to the Trenton pool. We enjoyed our last meal of tasty Michigan Middle Eastern food (or McDonald’s for those who don’t like Middle Eastern), then packed up and said our goodbyes.

Fun on Whitmore Lake

After a day with the Moores, we spent a day with the van Kampens. Casey’s dad lives on Whitmore Lake, so we met them there for lots of fun – swimming, boating, tubing, croquet, and bocce ball. Luuk and Sylvia are nearly the same age as Spencer and Meg, and they got along swimmingly. Thanks for having us!

Howdy Luis and Courtney

While we were on vacation at Horseshoe Lake last week, my parents generously agreed to watching the kids one night so Clare and I could have some “adult” time with our friends Luis and Courtney. We had a great time catching up over beers and Thai food in Northville. Luis and I have been friends for over 22 years now! Great to see you two!

Clare and Rob at happy hour
Clare and Rob at happy hour
Luis and Courtney at happy hour
Luis and Courtney at happy hour
Luis and Rob
Luis and Rob

Hanging with the Moores

After getting to spend most of the week with family, we also got to spend some time with friends. Last Friday we spent most of the day hanging out with the Moore family. We went to the Hands-on Museum, Arbor Brewing Company, and then enjoyed Jerusalem Gardens at their house. It was great to catch up. Hope to see you again soon!

Clowning around

We had plenty of time to clown around last week on Horseshoe Lake, when we weren’t busy swimming, boating, or otherwise relaxing. Spencer got very enamored of Monopoly, begging whomever he could find to play with him at 7:00 in the morning. We also spent a fair amount of time playing Hell, a card game that I have only ever played with my mom’s family. It’s a great game.


We’re probably not the only family to do this, but a Felty tradition has long been to play putt-putt golf while on vacation. Last week we chose Putterz in Ypsilanti, which happens to be a place that Clare and I went on dates a couple times when we lived in Ann Arbor. The kids liked it so much we played a second round later in the day.

Tour of Ann Arbor

While in Michigan last week, we spent some time giving the kids a bit of a tour of Ann Arbor, including some of our favorite places. We stopped by our old house on 1st St., which is still there, and mostly the same. There appear to be some upgrades, like central air conditioning, which we did not have while we lived there. We also visited Cafe Verde, where we had our first date, and the Kuenzel Room in the Michigan Union, where we got married. The kids whined for awhile, but we pushed through. It was fun to reminisce.

Swimming and boating on Horseshoe Lake

We spent quite a lot of time last week swimming and boating on Horseshoe Lake. The water was quite warm. Meg spent much of the time pretending to be Chloe Daisy. I was Jimmy Johnson, and Spencer was Antonio Brown. Chloe and Jimmy got married several times, mostly in the lake, or on the dock. She has such a great imagination!

Horseshoe Lake

We really enjoyed the beauty of Horseshoe Lake last week, especially the sunsets