Today Rob’s coworker Reiner took us to Nördlingen, a city on the Romantic Road with a wall from the fourteenth century or a bit earlier built in the center of a 20 km wide meteor crater created 15 million years ago. He brought 3 of his kids, Hugo (10), Erika (7), and Anna (4). Hugo knew some English and he and Spencer got on quite well. The boys played in the fountain in the square where we got lunch. The restaurant was very tasty, but they forgot to bring the kids’ food, so we got them crepes after. We checked out the first of many churches. Climbing the tower, we saw an old human powered elevator. Apparently prisoners provided the power that brought up construction materials to finish the church tower. The view from the tower was pleasant. It included a stork tending its own babies on a nearby room and the town hall (which has a green onion dome). The “mountains” in the background are actually the ring of the metro crater. Rob checking out the view. The Nördlingen church tower had about 350 steps, some of which were a spiral staircase. After our climb, we got ice cream. And went to a museum to learn about the meteor crater, which seems to have been a pretty epic event. The meteor vaporized upon impact. The meteor liquified silicone, the droplets resolidified as they were flying in the air, and were found somewhere in the Czech Republic. Climbing up onto the city wall to walk back to Reiner’s car. They boys defending the city from imaginary invaders on our walk back. Trout in the river within the city wall. Wall with a view of a defense tower. Down from the wall, loading up the van. Back from our adventures, reading Frog on a Log.

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