Tuesday at Neuschwanstein

Tuesday, we journeyed to the south of Germany to visit the castle that inspired Walt Disney when he was making Cinderella’s castle for Disney World. King Ludwig designed and oversaw its construction from his nearby childhood summer castle, Hohenschwangau, which we also toured.

When we toured Hohenschwangau, we arrived expecting an automated audio tour. They guy handing out handsets told us there was a live guided tour in English starting in 10 minutes, if we would like to wait. We said yes. He said that we could step behind this rope and wait in those chairs over there. The rope marked off some old wooden chair covered in velvet in front of a royal chapel that was part of the castle. We weren’t allowed to photograph inside the castle or else I would have taken a picture. I didn’t want to get kicked out of my 10 minutes of waiting in that setting. It was pretty special to sit in those chairs with no barrier between us and the castle an imagine all the others who might have passed that way before us.

Then we toured the newer castle that was never finished and has been a tourist attraction since 60 days after King Ludwig’s unfortunate demise. The Austrian Alps in the background and the winding forest patches were all pretty idyllic.

The kids are tired and still not quite adjusted to Germany time, but the castles were magical enough to win them over. However, the kids may remember today as the day I let them have McDonalds for lunch AND dinner. In my defense, they had a touch screen menu where I could order and pay in English.

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