Tricycle and test baby

Spencer on his new tricycle
Spencer on his new tricycle
For at least a month now, every time we go to the park, and Spencer sees a tricycle which some other kid brought, he has to try it out. Frequently this makes the little boy or girl mad, because they don’t want to share, and the parents also get upset, because they want their kid to share. It seemed like it was time to get Spencer a tricycle. I started looking a good month ago, paying attention to other ones I saw around, as well as ones in the store. I decided I wanted one with a push handle, in case he gets tired of peddling. I thought that this radio flyer tricycle looked particularly cool. I decided to try to buy a used one, so I started looking at craigslist. I was surprised to find that most of the tricycles offered on craigslist were more than 50% of the price of a new one. Apparently used stuff is more expensive these days because of the bad economy. Yesterday I decided to go ahead and buy a new one for Spencer. He was immediately very happy. He can’t really pedal yet, so it is good that I can push (and steer as well).

In other news, Spencer took part in a word learning experiment today at CU-Boulder. They had various objects differing in shape and material, and were trying to discover whether he associated likeness via shape or material. Interestingly enough, he seemed to group things by material, not by shape, which I found very surprising. His receptive vocabulary continues to grow rapidly, but his active vocabulary is still fairly small. Tonight in the bath we practiced the word boat, which he pronounced simply as [bo].

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